MiDo English teaching

Whatever your English learning needs ...

  • Learning English for fun: Or for travel, conversation or to better understand books and films in original ...
  • 1:1 intensive English learning: Do you need to make a good impression at a job interview? Are you anxious about giving a talk at work in English?
  • Do you get tongue-tied on the phone? Then benefit from one-to-one tuition arranged at your convenience
  • Learning in small groups in your spare time: Regular lessons at an affordable rate
  • Preparing for English exams: Such as Cambridge English Qualifications, to mark your progress and boost your career
  • Learning English at your workplace: With content geared to your company's industry and the business world
  • ...

I would be happy to discuss your goals and how I can help you attain them: Free appointment

Why choose MiDo to learn English as a foreign language

  • Qualified teacher: "Qualifi Level 5" Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (TEFL) from The TEFL Acedemy passed with Merit
  • Native English (UK) speaker: Learn natural English with emphasis on fluency and practical use
  • Language specialist: 20 years of experience as a freelance translator means I'm hardly ever lost for a word
  • Flexibility: Learn when and where it suits you ... evenings, weekends, at home
  • Innovation: Use of authentic materials and situations for learning natural English
  • Multimedia approach: Not only face to face, but also diverse channels, Skype, mail, messengers or even over the phone, use modern media to boost your learning
  • Cultural awareness: I know where German native speakers have difficulty with English and can work on problem areas to help you sound like a native

Teaching English as a Foreign Language

Learning English at your workplace, preparing for English exams, 1:1 intensive English learning, learning in small groups, learning English for travel, conversation or just for fun ... I would be happy to discuss your goals and how I can help you attain them!